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The art of decorating and dressing


Starting with the client’s request or instructions from an interior designer we dress or restore seating, and create other pieces of soft furnishing (curtains, bedding ...).


Our upholsterers require an impeccable technique, precision in execution and discipline. The quality of the work depends largely on the finishing, which must be perfect. The craftsmen of this art perpetuate the traditions of yesteryear.


In dressing walls and windows (using hangings, netting and curtains ...), we ensure coordination of colours, requiring skill, artistic flair and a sense of harmony.

« Essentially, this art is carried out in the same manner that has been used by successive generations. Certain technical innovations have allowed for an evolution in specific procedures. A highly important quality in our art is touch: you need to feel with your hands. For me, an old armchair has a soul. You need to respect that, but at the same time give it back life. Client satisfaction, whether they are a serious collector or a simple amateur, is the best reward..»

Tapisserie Rideaux Canapés
Tapisserie Canapés
Tapisserie Murale
Tapisserie Murale
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